MCU: Improvised!

What if Thor was female? What if Tony Stark suffered from anxiety? What if Captain America was just trying to get laid? Then assemble, Avengers! This is your chance to honour (and dishonour) the Marvel that is the MCU! Your suggestions will twist the action faster than Strange working his sling rings. The experience aptly begins on Friday, the 13th of September @ 8pm. On the stage of The Social Capital Theatre comes Marvel’s first installment of the MCU – Iron Man! And for 21 subsequent months, we will take on every film in this cineverse, in order (although we might turn Thor into a musical, because we can all agree that The Dark World sucked).

The fate of the universe rests in ridiculous hands. To Infinity Stones! But not beyond, that’s a different franchise.

It all starts on Friday, September 13th @ 8pm with Iron Man!
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