Commitment Classes

In these 8 week classes you will be learning and playing with the same group of people with the same instructor. You’ll have a chance to make closer connections, be a part of community, develop the fundamental improv skills, and if you’d like to, start getting stage time

Improv Fundamentals

The biggest myth about improv is that you need to be funny. What you need to be is yourself. Not the self you project to the world but who you truly are. For most of our students  – whether comedians, actors, or real people – improv is a journey of self discovery.  And, it’s a lot of fun.

The Socap Comedy style of improvisation is rooted in character, truth and human connection. Burgeoning artists, as well as most of us, share two common traits. One is we don’t truly listen. We hear the words people say but we don’t hear their meaning. The second is we’re self conscious. We worry that people will see the REAL us and discover that we’re not as confident, or smart, or as interesting as we project.  So we developed strategies to hide who we really are. We help you break through that as both an artist and a human being. The result is very empowering.

Whether you’re an improviser wondering why you’ve hit a plateau, an actor who wants to get better at being in the moment and listening, a manager who wants to be a more effective communicator, someone who wants to get better at human interaction, or if you’re just interested in human beings, this program is for you.

Geared towards those more interested in the fun, social skills, and ‘getting out of your comfort zone’ of improv. Also a great foundation for those just starting out in their improv careers.

Fundamentals 1 focusses on overcoming our fears, anxiety & doubts.  It’s about communication with other people. It’s about letting go of judgement. It’s about finding the joy of existing in the moment. The same skills that make great improvisers make great people.

Fundamentals 1 with Kerry Griffin
Wednesdays 7-9 PM
8 Weeks starting Sept 7th

Fundamentals 1 with Ed Sahely
Sundays 3:30-5:30 PM
7 Weeks starting Sept 11th (No class Thanksgiving weekend)

Fundamentals 2 with Ralph MacLeod
Sundays 2-4 PM
7 Weeks starting Sept 11th (No class Thanksgiving weekend)

Fundamentals 3 with Ed Sahely
Sundays 1- 3 PM
7 Weeks starting Sept 18th (No class Thanksgiving weekend)

Get on Stage

Our specialized improv classes are for performers ready to hone their craft, up their game, and get even more specialized skills. Students who study Casual or Commitment classes may be invited to participate in Socap Comedy shows and get stage time.

These are 8 week classes with a focus for performers to study with one instructor focussing on one particular facet or style of improv.

Continuing Improv & Scenework with Matt McCready
Mondays 7-9 PM
7 Weeks starting Sept 12th (No class Thanksgiving weekend)

This class is designed to level up your confidence and play when performing improv scenes.  Ken will coach you thorough a number of exercises that will help increase your physicality, sharpen your offers and unleash YOUR version of play.  Break into new territory while breaking down barriers that hold you back. Tons of notes, tons of play! 


Students can make up a maximum of two missed classes in a drop in or similar class. To find a suitable class talk to your teacher or contact

The Social Capital is committed to making our teachings available regardless of a student’s financial situation. Depending on class size and registration levels, The Social Capital will make course time available via a barter system. Please contact for details.