Corporate Improv Training

Whether you are looking for corporate entertainment, team building workshops or private tutelage, The Social Capital corporate improv training can help. We’ve trained and entertained dozens of companies, including Xerox, Bell, University of Toronto, the National Advertising Benevolent Society, IKEA, and many more.

“Awesome! Your team led our party through fun and engaging exercises. Everyone had a blast and couldn’t stop raving about the experience.”

Corporate Entertaining and Team Building

Are you having a conference and need an ice breaker? Having a retirement or end-of-year event and need a laugh? Do you need your team members to communicate more effectively? Need a combination of those?

Talk to us about your needs and we can design a special program for you or select existing packages including team building, ice breaker and straight-up entertainment.

“I’ve been getting rave reviews from the entire company all day long… Everyone enjoyed the activities your team did with us and thought they were hilarious.”
– Antibody Health Communications

Executive One-on-one Coaching

Worried about an upcoming presentation or speech? We’ve helped people overcome anxieties, control their fears and learn the techniques actors use to be effective, engaging communicators. We’ll help you become more confident in front of groups. We’ll work with you to improve your presentation or speech, whether it’s economizing and tailoring your message, writing some humourous lines or taking your existing style of communication and adding more clarity and strength.

You’re an expert in your field. Our expertise can help you become even better. Talk to us.

Audition Prep

You only get one chance in the room. It’s tough, but if  you want to be an actor, it is your job to audition well. We can help you with one-on-one coaching to ensure you fully understand the text. We’ll coach you to make strong choices and commit to those choices, all the while living in the moment – an actor’s duty. Talk to us.

Improv Group Coaching

Just starting out and need some direction? Or has your improv group hit a wall? Or maybe you just want to add more sizzle to your already delicious steak?

With over 20 years experience in teaching groups large and small, we can help you break routines and bad habits, become better ensemble members and get back to the wonder of actually improvising. Talk to us.