Drop-in and get a taste of what we do!

The only East End’s only improv drop ins!  They range from beginner classes for someone trying improv for the first time to intermediate classes for those seeking to further hone their skills without the commitment of a weekly class.

All classes are $10 per session. Most of these classes are booked in advance and sell out, so RSVPing is recommended to guarantee your spot.

To reserve a spot, confirm the drop in teacher, class eligibility, and any other inquiries email Ralph MacLeod at ralph@socap.ca

See what’s coming up by checking out our calendar of events

Beginner Drop Ins

Improv For Beginners
2 classes every Saturday!
5:30pm-7:00pm (2nd floor) & 6:00pm-7:30pm (3rd floor)

Prerequisite: 18+ – All experience levels welcome!

Come Prepared to Laugh! These classes are geared towards newer and beginning improvisers.  The atmosphere is very positive and supportive and during most of the class, everyone is on their feet trying everything out together.   There is no judgment, only support.

You will learn simple, yet powerful, concepts that will allow you to be more spontaneous, fun, and engaging.  We work hard to overcome fear, self doubt, and judgement by replacing them with joy, confidence and the incredible power of being positive. The exercises we cover are fun scenes but are also applicable to your professional and personal lives.

Teachers: Amanda Parker, John Richardson, Moniquea Marion, Cassie Barradas, Steve Hobbs, and Oliver Georgiou

Intermediate Drop Ins

Prerequisite: Core II or equivalent from another school.
Not sure if you qualify? Email ralph@socap.ca to inquire about how you can get into these classes
Class limit: 12

Wednesday Rotating Drop In
Wednesdays 7:00pm-8:30pm (3rd floor)

Each week, you’ll explore different topics such as Dramatic Improv, Character, Status, Narrative, and more.  This class is an excellent way to learn, or revisit, skills essential to making one a well-rounded improviser.

Teachers include: Jan Caruana, Marcel St Pierre, Lisa Merchant, Ralph MacLeod & more

Friday Intermediate Drop In
Fridays 6:00pm – 7:30pm (3rd floor)

This drop in focuses on developing YOU the improviser within the context of the two-hander scene.  Themes include the best ways to stay ‘in the moment’, agreement, showing not telling, heightening, initiations, and avoiding common traps and bad habits.

Teachers: Ralph MacLeod & Jordan Kennedy

Performance Opportunity: That Friday Show follows this drop in at 8pm!   Class participants, and others, are encouraged to perform a scene in that show with an experienced improviser.  Come down and put your name in the bucket.

Sunday Longform Drop In
Sundays 6:00pm-7:30pm (3rd floor)

Each week you’ll learn about different concepts and formats related to longform improv.

Teachers: Ted Hambly, Natalie Metcalfe, Jordan Kennedy, Ashley Seaman, and John Richardson

Performance Opportunity: House of Socap follows this drop in at 7:30! Class participants perform in longform sets with experienced longform players and pre-existing teams. Come down and put your name in the bucket.