Upcoming Improv Classes at the SoCap

A class for people wanting to dip a first toe into the improv waters. Studying improv can help you think on your feet, improve public speaking, and make you think about storytelling in new ways in a fun, friendly, supportive environment. In this introductory class we emphasize character and relationship over narrative, ‘being in the moment’ over trying to be clever, making choices that have personal stakes, making connections over making jokes, fun and play, simplicity and clarity.
Improv For Beginners
Tuesdays 7pm-9pm
8 weeks starting Nov 7th

Introduction to Dramatic Improv – A new way to improviseDramatic Improv uses all the tenets of comedic improvisation – listening, saying ‘yes’, making choices – with a goal of exploring character and relationship without the pressure of being funny.  We are interested in exploring the honesty in moments.  We strive to be believable and connect with ourselves, our scene partners, and our audience.Dramatic improv is often funny to watch. In fact, it can be much funnier than comedic improv. What makes it ‘dramatic’ is the approach brought by the improvisers.If you’re you an improviser looking for a completely new way to approach improvisation or an actor who sees the value of improv as an acting tool, this class is for you.This class ends with a class showcase.

Drama 1 with Ralph MacLeod
Wednesdays 7pm-9pm
Prerequisite: Core III or permission from instructor
8 weeks starting Nov 15th
SOLD OUT – contact ralph@socap.ca to get on the waiting list

This class will teach you how to make your improvised songs more than just expository recaps of what just happened in a scene. We will explore structure, types of songs, rhyming and metaphor. This class focuses on solos and support singing, so please be prepared to get up and belt your heart out! (in a fun and safe learning environment).Please note; there is no scene work in this class, but we will touch on the concept of “earning your song.”
Musical Improv Intensive with Jan Caruana & Mark Bond
Sat. Oct 28th from 11am -5pm w/One hour lunch break