Upcoming Improv Classes at the SoCap


Socap Dramatic Improv Core Program
Core Program caters to non-performers and performers.

The Social Capital style of improvisation is rooted in character and truth. Whether you’re an improviser wondering why you’ve hit a plateau, an actor who wants to get better at auditions, a professional who wants to be a more effective communicator, someone who wants to get better at human interaction, or if you’re just interested in human beings, this program is for you.

Core 1: Connections (Formerly Drama I)
Core I focuses on dealing with overcoming our fears/anxiety/doubts. It’s about communication with other people. It’s about letting go of judgement. It’s about finding the joy of existing in the moment. The same skills that makes great improvisers, makes great people.

Sunday from 2:30pm – 4:30pm
8 weeks starting Sept 9th
$220 +HST

Core II: Artist Voice (Formerly Drama II) with Amanda Parker
Core II focuses on developing the voice of the artist. What are you stories? What is your point of view? We all have an opera inside us. What’s yours?

Tuesdays from 7pm-9pm
8 weeks starting Sept 4th
$220 +HST

Core III focuses on creating stories based on the story circle (Hero’s Journey). Topics will include ‘the world as it is’, finding a main character or characters, A and B plots, call to action, the unfamiliar world (down the rabbit hole), the journey home, and the internal and external journey. Come create magic.

Check back next round for Core III offerings.


Masterclass Program caters to performers (improvisers and actors) only.

Applicants wishing to join the Masterclass must apply and, if necessary, audition. The Masterclass Series is for those who are ‘serious’ about improvisation. For further information contact ralph@socap.ca

This Masterclass focusses on three key elements – to work always in the moment, to develop your own voice as an artist, and to work on the Story Circle (Hero’s Journey). The ultimate goal is for students to create and perform a three-act structured play.

New class TBA

Specialized Classes

Commercial Auditions for Improvisers with Jordan Kennedy
This workshop takes the improviser through all aspects of the commercial audition process: from the slate to the callback to (hopefully) your day on set!  Through on-camera work, students will learn skills to help book the gig, including camera technique, effective line readings and how to put your improv skills to use in the room!

Saturday, September 8th, 12-5pm (includes a lunch break)

Narrative Through Character with Allan Guttman

This 8-week course uses concepts from both the Improvisation and Acting worlds to help create more interesting stories in improvised scenes. Story creation (in general) invariably involves interesting characters in a struggle against obstacles to achieve a goal, generating flowing units of action (beats, scenes, acts, chapters, etc); it is possible for improvisers to develop these kinds of structures by creating a variety of “emotional events” which lead to new actions (“tactics”) by the characters. The more grounded a performer is in a character (and in other scene details), the easier it becomes to generate a narrative. Applicants should have at least a year of basic Improv.

Thursdays from 6pm-8pm
8 weeks starting Sept 6th
$220 +HST

Interpersonal Skills Drop-In with Ralph MacLeod
Next class TBD

Does meeting strangers fill you with dread? Does flirting terrify you? Want to get better at just interacting with other humans? If so, this class may be for you. Through this interactive workshop, we will help you better understand yourself and others’ behaviour in order to:

  • more effectively network with others – both inside and outside your social circles
  • flirt
  • strategies on getting people to enjoy your company
  • reducing your anxiety and relaxing in the company of others

This class is based in practical application – so you’ll be up on your feet rehearsing strategies and participating in hands-on learning. Are you ready to get better at managing the people in your life?


The Social Capital is committed to making our teachings available regardless of a student’s financial situation. Depending on class size and registration levels, The Social Capital will make course time available via a barter system. Please contact admin@socap.ca for details.