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Written in the Stars

October 11, 2018 @ 10:00 pm

Pay What You Can

Come enjoy a night of astrological improv comedy! We’ve separated 25 people into teams based off of their star signs to see what happens. each team is encouraged to think of a format that goes with their elemental classification (earth, fire, air, water).

Clover Whileaway
Chris Heijdens
Becca Zwick
Robyn Bacon
Jillian Smart
John Beauchemin

Ben Sosa Wright
Matt McCready
David Hadley
Dalia Vainer
Cydney Connell
Spencer Litzinger

Alison Haines
Logan Lindsay
Chili Davidson
Amelia Ritthaler
Meredith Mullen
Ryan Sheedy

Carley Thorne
Julia Haist
Rob Michaels
Lance Byrd
Mark Heeney
Jarryd Ross

DOORS: 9:45