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We Are Sports Tryouts!

January 30 @ 10:00 pm

Pay What You Can

Four wicked troupes of different disciplines – improv, sketch, premise prov – compete for sports glory. Who will come out on top to win the ultimate prize of a sense of accomplishment and mild increases in levels of self-competence? COME AND FIND OUT…


Jude Law and Order – Josh Tibbetts, Cobi Moos, Michelle Laplante, Brett Cherniak, Jacques B, Laura Stricker, Adeela Ahmad, Alex Osborne, Jackie Racecar
Dusty Knifey SpoonNuts Aaron Heels, Aditi Raina, Glenn Owens, Mikayla Todish, Cathy Clarke, George Kiriakopulos, Madison Haste, Simone Kitchen, Josh Chau, Christian Masten, Jon Sohn, Roger Saylor, Michael van Dinther, Christian Fernandez)
1623. -Nkasi Ogbonnah, Kat Letwin)
WE ARE SPORTS – Alex Bondesen, Lauren Greenwood, Cihang Ma, Susan Marenick, Janelle McGuinness, Renee Strasfeld, Danny Avila, Dylen Guiry, Jacob Hogan, Stephen Mashalidis, Ramsay Patrick)
DOORS: 9:25