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Watching Paint Dry

November 6 @ 9:30 pm

$8 – $10

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Q: What?

A: It’s the hottest comedy double bill in town, featuring Idiot Work from Limited Liability Partnership and honest improv from six house painters–all like you’ve never seen before!

Things get wild, and then they get real.

First up is a showcase of the finest nonsense, the highest quality stupidity, the most top-of-the-line over-the-topness Toronto has to offer, brought to you by the cast of Clowns making a name for themselves as the premiere practitioners of Idiot Work: Limited Liability Partnership.

Directed by the stern, the unforgiving, the all-knowing and all-seeing Ken Hall!

(And if YOU like what you see, and you want to try it, there are always classes and workshops you can check out over at Sweet Action Theatre Company.)

As the Black Eyed Peas once wrote,
Get started, get stupid /
Don’t worry about it, LLP will walk you through it /

Watching Paint Dry:

We’re six painters, and we’re just about done with the house we’re working on. But wait–just as we put the finishing touches on the living room, we realise we’ve painted ourselves into a bit of a corner. The paint needs to dry, we can’t touch any of the doors or walls without ruining the work we just did, so… what do we do? Well, we sit, and we talk. We have fun with whatever’s in the room–because we’re stuck in here for at least 25 minutes.

But what is it?? Well… it’s a night of unstructured improv where you’ll see six performers at their most honest. It’s grounded, conversational, character-driven, and you’re sure to hear some things you weren’t expecting to come out on stage. Maybe most importantly, it’s a bunch of idiots trying to keep it real while we make each other laugh. We hope it’ll be more fun than watching paint dry! (That’s the bar, anyway.)

Inspired by shows like Bassprov–a real good show out of Chicago–and that one weird conversation you had at a party three months ago which you can’t forget because it was both relatable and just so, so out of left field.

Limited Liability Partnership is:
Noemi Salamon
Alison Haines
Slava Toth
Gordon Neill
Marko Bezić
Hana Holubec
Josh Bonnici
Goldy Goldberg

We Paint Houses:
Edward Choi
Aditi Raina
Shaun Hunter
Megan Wallace
Mahdi Mozafari
James Chapman

DOORS: 9:20
Student Tickets $8