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Toronto: A city of places, people and things

October 11, 2018 @ 8:30 pm

Pay What You Can

Archibald J. Front Street famously said that Toronto is a city of different locations, but have you ever been in one of those locations for 24 hours? Of course not, that’s illegal. But what if you COULD? Incredible. This longform improv show will offer a glimpse into the goings-on of a single Toronto location during a 24 hour period. All the fun of learning without having to read or worry that the information is accurate!

Featuring the talents of:
Cihang Ma!
Colin Sharpe!
Gary Chan!
Russell Batcher!
Matt McCready!
Daniel Beitchman!
Brent Robichaud!
Jordan Kennedy?
Bridget Caan!
Dave Phalp!
Jason Ox!
Linnea Currie-Roberts!
Paul JP!
Randl Morales!

…and likely 3 raccoon jokes, because, you know, Toronto.

DOORS: 8:15