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The Gauntlet

July 3 @ 9:30 pm

$6 tickets available at the door

Improv Test Kitchen is a new monthly show where James Chapman partners with producers to put up weird, experimental one-off formats. It’s the place to see comedy you’ve never seen before, and may never want to see again!

This Month’s format: The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet features three troupes going head-to-head in a test of improv endurance and skill. Each troupe picks a random challenge out of a bucket and plays a ~15-min set within those constraints. Possibilities include: blindfolded, constantly dancing, unable to use the letter “e,” just ate extremely spicy food, everyone has different /frequently changing accents, no laughs, a member leaves the stage every 2 minutes, etc, etc. Any time they mess up, an airhorn will sound and they’ll have to start a new scene!

The audience votes by applause on which troupe they think did the best, and the winner gets to choose the challenge they want to see performed by the final set (or just the host, if they’re in a vengeful mood.)

Our Competitors:

Friends with Benefits Improv
Kurt “Beef” Reynolds (Aditi Raina, Balint Hancz, Rob Moden, Dalia Vainer, Andy Bugelli, Richard Stone)
Not Enough Plaid

Our Brave Solo improvisers:

Danielle Cole
Mahdi Mozafari
Gerald Mayhew
Marcus Colby
Tamlyn Freedman
Glenys Marshall
Jack Andrew Pocaluyko
Bridget Cann

DOORS: 9:20