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Six Pac Challenge

October 8 @ 8:00 pm

Pay What You Can

This month’s special guest, host of Guess Who’s Coming to Improv and Popaganda, Brie Watson!

Performing this month will be;

Indiana Zeta Jones, performing a Game-Based Harold
Alaric Mckenzie-Boone, Arun Kirupa, Brian Edwards, Christen Cole, Kelly O’Neil, Laurence Cuffey, Neil Mathur, Preet Panesar, Shaun Hunter, Shreya Patel

Kurt “Beef” Reynolds, performing a Maker
Aditi Raina, Andy Bugelli, Balint Hancz, James Chapman, Richard Stone, Steven Shivcharan

Not Enough Plaid, performing a Goon Thompson
Anthony Labonté, Berk Özer, Chris North, Dayjan Lesmond, Kirk McCullough, Marlo Cameron

And our Dirty Dozen – Twelve Improvisers divided into Two Teams that you’ll never see together again (unless you do).

Justice League Antarctica, performing a Family Guy
Alan Belerique, Connor Ferris, Mark Andrew, Mike Riot, Russell Batcher

The Great Lakes Avengers, performing an Armando
Aaron Heels, Christina Da Re, Edward Choi, Maddox Campbell, Monica Jones, Zach Sommers