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Rogue Scenes w/ Special Guest Kerry Griffin

August 28 @ 9:30 pm

Pay What You Can

We’ve all played with a friend or frienemy that makes a challenging choice that derails the scene. Since scenes can go rogue in jams and auditions, Toronto legend and improvisational heartthrob, Kerry Griffin, gave us a coaching exercise of taking turns intentionally breaking the rules of improv.

Kerry’s coaching exercise was so much fun, I got his blessing to bring it to the stage and he’s even going to join the fun as a wildcard participant!

This is Rogue Scenes, Toronto’s screwiest bucket jam where your scene partner is doing their best to break the rules!

You could channel improvisers that reject or set up too many offers, or maybe they freeze on stage or can’t stop talking to save their lives. Whatever safe way you feel you could challenge your scene partner.

Participants will be slotted with one another in two-hander scenes where, if all goes well, everyone should be provided the opportunity to play both roles!

This show and its unique format is a safe place for all performers! So even though we’ll be having a blast challenging our peers on stage, we’re gonna be sure to avoid any offers we’d all call low hanging fruits.

DOORS: 9:25