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Roast Beats

February 16, 2016 @ 9:30 pm

 Consider this your seductively whispered invite to Roast Beats Presents: A Romantic Dinner for 6.

6 musical improvisers, 3 teams, 1 dream- to get that last bit of roast.

From the haze of perfume and smoke from hastily bought flowers and hopefully lit candles we will once again take you through a night of musical brilliance/silliness, where at the end of the night you, the audience, decides who gets to eat and who gets beat. (No violence is involved)

Come join us in being inspired by the romance, disappointment, heartbreak and weird socially created responsibility of Valentine`s Day.
With a Delicious host, 3 Mouthwatering Guest Stars, & Musical Direction by Mark Bond. Plus Soft caramel centered team captains; Chris Atwell, Sheri Godda, and Dustin George.


TICKETS: Pay What You Can
DOORS: 9:15