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Ottawa: The Improv Show!

November 28 @ 8:00 pm

Pay What You Can

Ottawa: the city where our most important decisions are made and where nothing important has ever happened. A land of Beavertails, balaclavas and Billings Bridge’s. About the only thing Ottawa doesn’t have (aside from everything) is a tribute show from ex-Ottawaians in their favourite place: downtown Toronto!

Featuring the longform improv stylings of:
Devon Hyland!
Jason Donovan!
Maria Hajigeorgiou!
Leta Montopoli!
Leslie Cserepy!
Meagan McConnell!
Chelsea Larkin!
Zach Sommers!
Gregory Lowe!
Greg Cochrane!
Abram Taylor!
Holly Molaski!
Rayanne Langdon!
Matthew Seely!
Liam Murphy!

and your host, all the way from Greely…
Jordan Kennedy

(Jordan will be providing constant updates on the roads, the driving and if there’s too much snow on the roads to do driving)

DOORS: 7:30