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Watching Paint Dry

October 2 @ 9:30 pm

$8 tickets available at the door

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Here’s the setup: You’re six painters, and you’re just about done with the house you’re working on. But wait–just as you put the finishing touches on the living room, you realise you’ve, uh, painted yourselves into a bit of a corner. The paint needs to dry, you can’t touch any of the doors or walls without ruining the work you just did, so… what do you do? Well, you sit, and you talk. You have fun with whatever’s in the room–because you’re stuck in there for at least 35 minutes.

So… what is it, though? Well… it’s a night of unstructured improv.
You, the audience, get to see six performers at their most honest.
There’ll be scenework, storytelling, jamming, and more, and it comes with a guarantee of things you’ve never seen during an improv show before. It’s grounded, conversational, character-driven, and completely made up. Maybe most importantly, it’s a bunch of idiots trying to make each other laugh.

We hope it’ll be more fun than watching paint dry! (That’s the bar, anyway.)

Inspired by shows like Bassprov–a real good show out of Chicago–and that one weird conversation you had at a party three months ago which you can’t forget because it was just so, so out of left field.

Featuring Ken Hall’s Idiots, dumbing it down through clown!

Zach Sommers
Aditi Raina
Shaun Hunter
Megan Wallace
Mahdi Mozafari
and James Chapman

DOORS: 9:20