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Love Improvised: A Valentine’s Day Special!

February 14, 2017 @ 8:00 pm

Ooh yeah baby, its Valentines Day. Feelin’ a little lonely? Need a little spice in your life? Let us serenade you with some sweet sweet improv.

Already in love, but have no plans? Come get the one thing that’s always been lacking in your relationship. Laughter.

We’ll tickle you in places you didn’t know you could laugh from!

The lineup for this show is made up of some gorgeous performers. Come experience love at first sight AND rejection at second sight. Simultaneously!

We’ll get the night started with Fonzie Scheme joined by Cameron Algie and Sally Smallwood doing their signature form Tinder Surprise. If you’re starting to forget why you’ve been single for so long, they’ll remind you by showing you exactly the kind of characters you’ve been on dates with.

We’ve also got Grim Diesel in the house, doing their Harry Met Sally-esque form and showing you the lives of people that have made it work despite the odds!

But the highlight of the night will be an assembled cast of the sexiest improvisers this side of the Danforth. Inspired by stories of ACTUAL relationship troubles, they will be improvising the steamiest scenes this side of Broadview. The cast includes:

Ryan Sheedy
Leanne Miller
Anesti Tsiklis Danelis
Tara Federko
Franco Nguyen
Marie Sotto
Brennan Asbridge


DOORS: 7:30
TICKETS: Pay What You Can