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Improv Royal Rumble

November 10, 2017 @ 10:00 pm

$8 tickets available at the door

One by one, 25 improvisers charge the stage and try to survive a barrage of improv games to be the last one standing.

Cameron Algie (S&P)
King Chiu (Not Oasis)
Susan Debreceni (Blast From the Past)
Gordon Neill (Orson Whales)
Candace Meeks (Kinsey Fail)
Jillian Bo Billian (Pepperoni Pizza Cats)
Korri Birch (Riverdale: Improvised)
Jason Donovan (Battlecats)
Cassie Barradas (Second City House Co)
Dan Bryan Rosen (Opening Act Dan Rosen)
Chelsea Larkin (JFL42 New Faces)
Josef Addleman (Ottawa stuff)
Nat Van Dine ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
Linda Julia Paolucci (Chakra Khan)
Martha St (The Assembly)
Amie Everett (Calvinball)
Jõsh Friggen Murray (The Krulls)
…and more TBA

Wrangled/refereed by Natasha Boomer and Carmine Lucarelli.

Audience slots available for those wanting to jump into the action!

DOORS: 9:45