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Here Comes a New Challenger

September 26 @ 9:30 pm

$8 tickets available at the door

HEY KIDS, It’s time to head back through those arcade doors and cash in for some tokens for that fighting game you’ve heard so much about. It’s time, because A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES!

Here Comes a New Challenger (!) is a fighting game-themed improv duo show that’s half narrative and half insanity. To start, two duos take the stage to play out a 20-minute narrative set. ‘The catch’ is that every other duo in the audience gets 2 tokens, which they can use to tag themselves into the the narrative at any point by swapping out with one of the duos on stage. It’s like story mode in a fighting game, but with less actual punching and more actual improv.

Duos compete to win the grand prize: the chance to type in your initials (read: ASS) and claim your place at the top of the leaderboards. Bragging rights go hand in hand with a special appearance at the next show!

Line-up TBD!

Recapture that nostalgia with the best graphics on the market!

Produced by Skull Kids (Christina Da Re, Mike Riot, and James Chapman)

DOORS: 9:25