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Connect Four-ty

May 15 @ 8:00 pm

Pay What You Can

It’s Connect Four-ty!

For the last two months, Connect Four-ty! has beefed up and been teaming up friends with strangers for hilarious improv results!
This month, we beef up again! So meaty! Can anyone say keto?
This time, we’re bringing beloved Toronto improv duos, trios and quartets and mixing them up with people they’ve never played with before for a good old fashioned free for all!
Connect Four-ty! teams seasoned improvisers with newbies, foes with friends, friends with strangers and strangers with candy, for an all out improv blowout!

This month on Connect Four-ty!


Millennial Falcons (Christina Da Re & Mike Riot)
Friends With Benefits (Shaun Hunter, Jacob Hogan, Lauren Sittler, Rayanne Langdon)
Raw Toast (James Chapman & Shaina Catherine Follis)
Three Speed Comedy
Coko & Daphney


Aaron Heels
Abbey Metcalfe
Balint Hancz
Brooke Ballam
Chili Davidson
Chrissy Sharma
Clare Blackwood
Debra Adey
Denoja Kankesan
Emily McFadyen
Geoff Hay
Gerald Mayhew
Haem Roy
Jana Liz
Jessica Buchanan
Joe Thomas
Jonathan Bosco
Jordan Kennedy
Kendall Savage
Kevin Matviw
Kerry Griffin
Krystle Meixner
Luke Aquilina
Marcus Colby
Russell Batcher
Stephanie Haller
Wilfred Lee

Come and watch or put your name in the bucket to get on stage!