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All By Myself

March 26 @ 9:30 pm

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$10 tickets available at the door

Who’s Line Is It Anyway style games being played in All By Myself. Nine daring souls will each try something they’ve never done before. Each performer will play a group game — a game that by definition REQUIRES multiple participants — alone!

SHOW starts at 9:30pm, doors at 9:00pm, tickets $10

Each performer will play their favorite short-form group game solo. This will be both challenging and full of fear. but with a supporting audience these performers will create magic.

Lance Byrd (Questions Only)
Christina Da Re (Dating Game)
Gord Oxleyy (Conducted Story)
Jana Liz (Alphabet)
John Richardson (Pan Left)
Jonathan Bosco (Entrances & Exits)
Laurie Murphy (The Rant)
Wilfred Lee (Hitchhiker)

DOORS: 9:20