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24 Hour Sketch Challenge

April 8, 2017 @ 8:00 pm

$15 tickets available at the door

It’s back!

Thirty-six performers and six directors will have less than 24 hours to construct six different fifteen minute sketch reviews in one ridiculous show.

24 Hours before show time, all performers are drawn from a hat, assigned directors, and the clock starts!

Directed by some of the most hilarious and established names in Toronto comedy (Kirsten Rasmussen, Natalie Metcalfe, Leigh Cameron, Allana Reoch, Laura Cilevitz and Paul Bates), the cast include traditional comedians (Nicole Passmore, Shannon Lahaie, Cameron Wyllie, Matt McCready), voice actors (Melanie Ann Davis, Margaret Brock), traditional theatre (Ruth Goodwin, Elliott Loren) and more!

See what kind of performance is created when these artists from different walks of life are guided by gifted comedic minds… on a time limit!

Directed by

Paul Bates (Performer on six Second City revues, director Second City: ClickBait & Switch)
Laura Cilevitz (The Beaverton, Get Some!)
Natalie Metcalfe (Two Humans, The Toronto Best)
Kirsten Rasmussen (Second City alum, 2017 Globehead Champion)
Allana Reoch (Second City TourCo, Panacea)
Leigh Cameron (Second City Alum, 2017 Globehead Champion)

Performed by

Filipe Dimas (Fake Cops , Demon League)
Kevin Frank (Artistic Director of the Second City Training & Education Program, Glendale One)
Oliver Georgiou (SODA School Of Dramatic Acting, The OG Show)
Isabel Kanaan (Hey ’90s Kids, You’re Old! Haunted or Hoax)
Zohaib Khan (Fusion, Fomosapiens)
Shannon Lahaie (Dame Judy Dench, The Kids Table)
Darby McCann (May the Odds be ever in your Favour, $12 Two Free Pints Comedy Show)
Matt McCready (The World’s Biggest Improv Tournament, $12 Two Free Pints Comedy Show)
Nicole Passmore (Bad Dog Theatre, Second City House Co)
Erin Pim (Bed Post, Bed Post Podcast)
Lea Rondot (Ape Island, Babybods)
John Richardson (That’s How I Remember It, $12 Two Free Pints Comedy Show)
Laura Salvas (2 Weird Girls, Fridurday Sketch Live)
Andrea Werhun (Modern Whore, BedPost)
Cam Wyllie (O Dat Dum, The DJ Dumers Show)
Ken Bernardo (Gaymers – Writer, Napoleon Ice Cream)
Alex Kolanko (Fake Cops, Shitty Tasty)
Ryan Hughes (El Wasteland, Trash Panda)
Spencer Litzinger (Hodge Podge, Living Bloodsticks)
Andrea Marston (Bob Curry, Yas Kween)
Colin Sharpe (The Sketchersons, The Toronto Best)
Jennifer Lloyd (Not Oasis, Gentleman’s Frog)
Margaret Brock (Fireman Sam, Terrificland)
Grace Smith (Duotang Chesterfield’s Mystery Theatre, Opera Cheats)
Eric Sebastian (MHMT)
Melanie Ann Davis (Voice Actor)
Alisha May ($12 Two Free Pints Comedy Show)
Robyn Bacon ($12 Two Free Pints Comedy Show, The World’s Biggest Improv Tournament)
Elliott Loren (Ride the Cyclone, The Swinging Wingding)
Karen Scobie (State of Women, Diner Dames)
Miri Rain (Kris and Miri Make an Improv)
Justine Cargo (My Immortal – Web Series)
Courtney Marie Poirier (Just Friends)
Ruth Goodwin (The Howland Company, The Show Show)
Jeff Clark (O Dat Dum, The Weaker Vessels)
Seann Murray (Sex T-Rex)
Nicholas Melo (Shots Fired!, Breakout – Discovery Channel)
Freddie Rivas (Confederacy of Dunks Podcast, JFL42, Rapp Battlez)

DOORS: 7:30
ADVANCE TICKETS – book now, this show sells out!